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Children are always welcome during the scheduled service. Although we love children, but for the safety, the comfort, and relaxation of our guests, we request you to refrain from bringing unattended children into the salon and spa.

Cell Phones

Our mission is to provide an environment where relaxation and personal attention are the priority. Please be sure to turn off your cell phone or switch it to a mode where it does not interrupt you or any of other guests when you enter the salon.


The Nail Anatomy is not responsible for damage or loss of your personal belongings. We recommend that you do not bring valuables with you.


Insurance plans will not cover any spa services. VISA, MasterCard and Cash are accepted. Gratuities in cash only please.

Late Show

We reserve the right to release your appointment time to other guests if you are over 10 minutes late. As a courtesy to fellow clients, late arrivals will only receive the remaining appointment time and will be charged the full service fee. Please understand that your treatments will start and end on time in order to not cause inconvenience to the next guest.

No Show & Cancellation

We understand the sudden emergencies of life that may require the cancellation of your appointment, however we need to be sensitive to other clients.

Failing to cancel an appointment or cancelling an appointment with less than 24 hours notice impacts The Nail Anatomy and the opportunity to serve other clients. Hence, we would really appreciate a call 24 hours in advance should you wish to cancel your appointment.

We reserve the right to ask the client to provide a credit card to book future appointments if they have a history of no-shows, or routinely fail to call and cancel the appointments.

The Knot Busters are located inside The Nail Anatomy salon at 14 Reid Avenue, Colombo.
Please call us on 0112 688358 to make an appointment or click here to book online.




CLASSIC – A Classic Manicure will include Shaping, Cuticle work, a Massage, and Polish

FRENCH – Our French Manicure will give you all the options of a Classic Manicure with a French line Polish

JAPANESE – Japanese manicure is the way to go, especially if you want to go through a nail keratin treatment, restoring nail health. Nail polish will not be applied to preserve the efficacy of the treatment.

GEL – A Gel Polish Manicure will give you a strong top layer over the natural nail and will remain chip-free for up to 14 days.

FACIAL – A facial for hands! Our Hand Facial is a product that incorporates a Classic manicure with a natural scrub and masque treatment for your hands.


CLASSIC – Our Classic Pedicure involves the works- Starting with a soak, shape, cuticle work, scrub, foot filing, and will end with a massage and polish

FRENCH – The French Pedicure is designed to combine a pedicure that will shape, provide cuticle work, massage, and end with a neat French line polish for your nails

JAPANESE – You should opt for the Japanese Pedicure if you need to make your nails healthier. It involves all the steps of a Classic pedicure with nail keratin treatment. Nail polish will not be applied to preserve the efficacy of the treatment.

GEL – Gel Polish Pedicure will give your nails a hard, protective top layer over your natural nails and will remain chip-free for up to 14 days.

FACIAL – The Feet Facial is a Classic pedicure which incorporates premium products and masque treatment.


AROMATHERAPY SCRUB – The Aromatherapy Scrub will have your arms and legs rubbed in with essential, aromatherapy oils and creams. It is done from elbow to hands and knees to feet.

NAIL STRENGTHENER – Apply a Nail Strengthener to make your nails healthier and make the treatment last longer

WHITENING TREATMENT – Get rid of yellow, polish stained nails with our Whitening Treatment. It will leave your nails looking clean and natural, just like they should be.

FOOT MASSAGE – Get a relaxing, satisfying Foot Massage that lasts half an hour in addition to your nail treatment

GEL POLISH REMOVAL – Get any previous gel polish done by us removed efficiently before starting any treatment. If you have gel polish on your nails not previously done by us, you can get that removed as well.

NAIL EXTENSION REMOVAL – Get your nail extensions removed before the start of a treatment or procedure

NAIL POLISH REMOVAL – Nail polish removal available for customers who do not have existing service with us.

Looking for the ultimate gift?


The Nail Anatomy Indulgence Certificate helps you create the ultimate Spa experience gift for yourself or a friend. Gift vouchers are bespoke and available in denominations of Rs 3000 and above. Our professional staff will be glad to assist you, in selecting the right experience for you.