More than just an occasional indulgence,

we are an integral part of your wellness routine. We are driven by our desire to provide a Lifestyle. We believe in using only products we would use ourselves and provide only the best and most personal service possible to you. Our approach is simple, honest and heartfelt. We create what we feel and do it because we love taking care of you.


From the moment you enter The Nail Anatomy you will be immersed in an oasis of luxury and refinement. A haven for your health and a celebration of your beauty. The health and wellbeing of your nails and skin are of paramount importance to The Nail Anatomy.

As such, our treatments focus on improving the condition of your nails and skin. The products and brands we use during the treatments are the best available. This is to ensure that your nails are strong and well nourished, and your skin is fresh and renewed.

The nail anatomy experience

As you step into our spa, inhale our signature scent and bask in our relaxing soundtracks carefully curated to help you relax.

Our attentive staff will present to you our drinks menu with a range of tea, coffee, Nespresso Coffee etc, as you choose your nail polish colours. You will be spoilt for choice with over 150 different shades of colours to choose from including heat changing polish, chrome colours and everything fashionable.

Not having your manicure done? Leaf through our collection of local and international magazines or feast your eyes on our Cable TV with load of channels.  You could even bring your own DVD if you want , when you book our Private Room. 

And free WIFI of course, so you can check emails and browse the internet and social media. Don't forget to take selfies and #thenailanatomy!

If that's not enough, request for our heated aromatherapy neck pillow during your treatment. The warmth of the pillow is sure to take all the tension off your shoulders.


The Nail Anatomy is a step ahead when it comes to sanitation. Our team uses Hospital-grade, EPA approved, broad-spectrum disinfectant to sanitise all metal instruments before placing them in an Autoclave. Surgery grade level of sterilization standards are maintained at all times. 

Our nail files are made of high quality crystal glass. We do not use emery boards on your nails. Apart from being non porous, they do not absorb water, making them reusable after a thorough sterilization process. Our glass files also seal the keratin at the edge of your nails, this prevents chipping and peeling.. 



We also use high quality metal foot files which allows us to safely and gently remove calluses. The files are then sanitised and sterilised. We do not use credo blades as it is generally unsafe and known to further thicken the calluses after treatment. 

Fresh towels are provided for each guest and sinks are sanitized between clients. 

We use podiatrist approved products such as Gehwol and Footlogix to treat various nail and skin conditions and recommend them to our clients as part of their well being.


We allow a maximum of 3 shades to be tested before you decide. You can always request a change of shade after testing it out on one finger.

We allow a maximum of 2 different colours per pair of hands or feet as part of the polishing process. If you require more colours and shades, you will be charged an additional Rs 500. For example, 5 colours on fingers and toes.

There are no standard price deductions on offer when you bring your own tools, polish, or if no polish used.


Please do notify the staff should you have high blood pressure, any prevailing heart conditions, other physical ailments, if you are diabetic, or if you are pregnant. Your preferences are important to us, so please notify the staff if you do not wish to have your cuticles trimmed or do not want the nail surface to be buffed. However, do note that depending on the state of your hands and feet, the cuticles and hangnails may have to be trimmed to make sure that the manicure or pedicure looks immaculate.